We returned home from our holiday on 16th March. We had a lovely time in the Kenyan sunshine at the wonderful Swahili Beach Resort on Diani Beach. We were so pleased to see the progress made in building the new school. A start has been made in building the roof and so we were able to see what the building will look like when it is finished. James has done an amazing job of managing the project and we are so grateful to him for searching out the best prices for all the materials used. We are hoping that we can raise enough money to complete the building before the end of this year. After the roof is finished the walls will need to be plastered both inside and outside and the windows. doors and floors will have to be fitted. We also need a bore hole for water and a toilet block. So there is still plenty more to be done and we estimate that it will cost about £5,000 to achieve this.


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