New school term 2018

The school has had the walls painted during the holiday and is now looking fresh and new ready for the children this week. 


The children went to visit a snake farm! 

The new kitchen.

The rainy season has arrived and so they have built a kitchen. They can shelter from the rain while cooking the meals.

These Kindergarten children are wearing their new school uniforms

Writing on the wall! 

Volley ball

The children are enjoying playing with their new volley ball equipment.

A Christmas message from Margaret, the headteacher at the Ebenezer Rescue School

Hello our great friends! Hopefully you are all fine. 

I take this opportunity to wish you, Carole and Mike, our school sponsors, all our donors and well wishers A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017. On behalf of the pupils, teachers and parents, I thank all of you for continued support to the Ebenezer School Project for a full year again. We have seen an improvement in pupils attendance this year and more pupils have enrolled. Some were from very poor families. 

Thank you for your kindness and help in UK and your donations which we receive every month.  I wish you all good luck as you continue supporting this project. Thanks in advance friends.

From Margaret.


Graduation Day

On Friday 11th November the children at Ebenezer Rescue School celebrated all their hard work. Some children graduated from the primary school and some younger children graduated from the kindergarten school to the primary school. They entertained their families with singing and dancing. There was also a scout parade, who were inspected by their teacher Margaret. It looks as if they had a great time. There was even a cake! 


Recently the Kenyan government offered to install electricity into the school free of charge. We had to buy three wooden posts to bring the electric wire to the school. This cost us 63,000 ksh. (£480), which we sent to Margaret and James. Fortunately we were able to send this money as we had recently received a Gift Aid payment for the donations which had been made to the charity in the last year. 

                Lights on!! 


We were very pleased to hear that a visitor from Switzerland, Robert Muhlethaler, has been supporting the Ebenezer Rescue School for some time and he is very keen to raise more funds to help develop the school.  We wish him luck with his fund raising