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A Science Lesson- the children are learning about germination.



Ebenezer children enjoying their school meal


We send money every month to fund daily meals for the children. They learn more on a full stomach and this also helps to keep them healthy and strong. The money also helps to buy school uniforms  and any medication needed if the school children become sick.  We need more monthly donations to keep this support going and to pay the teachers wages. 

Christmas Greetings from Margaret

Hello our dear Ebenezer donors. We keep on remembering you dearly for your continued support throughout this year. We thank you very much for remembering our project every month and offering your money to care for every child attending our school. Good luck 😀to each one of you for investing in Kenya to save the future of the unfortunate. Our school is growing now because of you. We haven’t anything precious to give but to wish you success in all that you need to do in in your life. Thanks a lot as you are in the memories of the children. Live long! 

From Teacher Margaret

Graduation day! 


Margaret is taking care of her pupils. The children are being given vitamin A and deworming tablets. These have been paid for from the funds, which we send to Margaret every month. 


Enjoying lessons at the Ebenezer Rescue School

Teacher Joan is teaching English to some of the older pupils. We send money every month to pay teachers for their work at the school. This comes from the monthly donations made by some of our supporters, for which we are very grateful. However there is always a need for more money, as you can see they need more teaching resources and as the number of pupils increases more teachers will be needed. 

If you would like to make a monthly donation, please contact us through the web site. Even as little as £3 a month would help. 


Ebenezer football team


New Desks

These old desks were delivered from the old school by motor bike!

Desks by Bike

A picture of the children at school 11/2/15


Email from Margaret at the Ebenezer Rescue School

Hello dear great people. I salute all of you for creating a friendly environment for this children. As they assemble outside the block, for evening briefing they very well know that there is a safe place for learning. Thanks a lot to all who are still contributors towards this project. We have children who do not know the taster of a breakfast nor lunch but a poor dinner. I and my family spend much time with them to make sure they are not too sad .
Thanks to Carole n Mike for mobilisation they made to the UK community. Thanks for self sacrifice even when you had challenges for the poor healthy of Hatti. We love you.. I wish all friends to continue supporting our project to save a Kenyan child..Help us pull together.. Lots of blessings and love from Margaret..( a predicated
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