School Update, 8/11/2018

Mike has just returned from a visit to the Ebenezer Rescue Scool.  He was very pleased to see so many children learning in their classrooms and all looking very happy. The school site looked lovely with its mature trees and flowering shrubs. 

There are now 86 children attending the school regularly and of these 39% are orphans or needy children. Margaret’s vision is to rescue these children, who are not  attending a school due to extreme poverty or negligence of parents and to make sure that parents or guardians understand the importance of education. She wants to eliminate the stigma caused by by a lack of education and to place these children in a friendly environment where they are safe and happy with a sense of belonging.  Margaret also wants to eliminate illiteracy in the community and she wants the children to realise their potential and have hope for the future. 

There are seven classrooms with a teacher for each one.  The school site also has a toilet block, a kitchen and a well. This provides safe drinking water for the children and there is a tap just outside the school gate, providing water for the local community at a small cost! 

We are very grateful to our sponsors, who donate money every month. This is sent to Margaret and it helps her with the running costs of the school. We are also pleased to have donations provided by our German friends, Rene and Beate. They have been visiting the school regularly over the last few years and have been supporting the school with donations from their friends. They were there at the same time as Mike. Beate had been there for a few months doing some voluntary teaching. 

Although the school is progressing well there is always a need for more funds.  The building needs ongoing repairs and Margaret would like to have some play equipment in the school grounds. If you are interested in supporting the school please contact us. 


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