Message from Margaret

This is a copy of an email sent to us from Margaret on 18th May.

Dear Great friends.  We Ebenezer School would like to pass our sincere thanks to all those who spent most of their time thinking of how we can secure a land! Now we are very happy that we have a land with where we shall build the school. We would like to thank Carole and Mike for much you did to support this young school and making us to be known in UK and even in the web. We would want to thank st. Paul school and Stashaw infant school too. We know you love and mind us too. Thanks to the friends who closely help the family of Carole and Mike. We do kindly wish this co-operation will last long to meet the desired target. We would want to thank each one and we love you abundantly.              

Yours lovingly             

Ebenezer Rescue School


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